Put on some lipstick and KISS ass

While riding the Staten Island Ferry today I had the pleasure of listening to two young men from the NYC area. Their accents, their mannerisms, their perceptions all screamed to me East Coast!!!

Confident, ballsy, and no way in hell you’re gonna tell them anything new, these guys rolled out their story. Joe Caruso is in jail, one guy hasn’t been able to get work since leaving trade school, and one guy had to “put on some lipstick and kiss ass” in order to graduate high school on time after getting kicked out for fighting.

I wonder if the fellas in the picture to the left think the same kind of thing. You non-believers better kiss up, cause this weekend is your last chance. And I’m gonna be in Manhattan on Judgement Day, what a rip! Have you heard about Harold Camping, the man who has predicted May 21st as the end of times? He’s thought to be worth over 74 million dollars. Funny.

I can feel the East coast creeping into me. I find myself wanting to shout, curse, and express in a way that makes Seattle-ites uncomfortable. Some of you know of what I speak. I like this energy in my life. It compliments the heart-felt nature and kindness of the Pacific Northwest.

Mom and I went down to Ground Zero today. Ten years later the site is totally under construction. The original Two Towers footprints will be fountains, there will be a museum, memorial area, trees, and new commercial building spaces. As we wandered we were surrounded by burly construction workers of almost all nationalities except Middle Eastern. Folks hung out in similar ethnic groups. And a man informed me, like I was an idiot, that all the men and women down there are in the union and those that aren’t are the ones that caused the mess in the first place. Huh.

There is a sadness there still. I can feel it amidst the rebuilding. Life changed dramatically for many that day and I have no real concept of what it must have been like, but still, tears well up. But racism is unacceptable and we as Americans are not innocent victims. Our country is amazing and it is not perfect.

On a lighter note, tonight we went to see Jersey Boys, about the life of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. Great show. For the first 30 minutes I wasn’t so sure I liked musicals anymore, but when these lines came up, I knew I was in the right place: “I’m the asshole?” said one. “That’s right my friend, since the very beginning” said another. This show is funny, crude, and full of expletives. Gotta love it. And there is something so fulfilling to hear the stories of how those famous songs came to be, especially “Can’t Take my Eyes off of You” — good story, I’ll tell it too you sometime.

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