2 for 1!

I really like New York City. I mean, if anything major went down in this country the island of Manhattan is the last place I’d want to be, but in terms of exploration and history, wow!

Yesterday my mom and I spent 3 hours on a Cruise ship circling the entire island from Battery Park to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty up the East River, which turn into the Harlem River and then connects back in with the Hudson on the other side. The Northern end of the island is so vastly different than the Southern end, it really is like totally different world.

The native people that used to live on Manhattan called the island Manahatta, or island of many trees and hills and when you head North you see why. This, is Manhattan:

Wow, eh?!

On our tour we also learned that 1. Retired NYC subway cars were used as building blocks for a coral reef and it was successful, the coral took to the cars, 2. All the water towers on the roof’s of buildings are required for fire prevention and containment and there are lots of the them on the Upper West Side, 3. President Grant and his wife are buried on the Mid-West side of the island, 4. And finally, there is the Little Red Lighthouse. Google that one, sweet story.

Today was Yoga day #1. Me and my fellow Forrest Yoga Mentorship Program trainees did a back bending workshop with Erica Mather and had an afternoon of learning together studying authenticity when it comes to working from a heart-centered place, hands-on assists, and seeing physical cues and symptoms in the body mixed with empathic skills. Great day!

I ran across some jumpin’ music in the Time Square subway station today. Check it out below. Funny thing was, not 200 feet away was a Mennonite Choir singing a hymn!


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