Travel Shenanigans

Dear British Airways,

Thank you for a smooth flight from JFK to London Heathrow and an amazing in-flight entertainment system. I am wondering, however, how you think it is possible to make a connecting flight in LHR with only an hour and a half? Terminal 7 to Terminal 1 is a long walk and a 7 minute bus ride. Then there is Passport Control, Biometric Scanning, Security, checking in for the my second flight, and walking 20 more minutes to get to my gate. Excuse me, but are you off your rocker!


Kathryn Koch

Dear Aer Lingus,

I appreciated your warm welcome on my flight, your syrupy Irish accents, and green uniforms. I am wondering, however, why it took two hours for my bags to arrive at Dublin Airport? The people from Malaga got their bags. And then those that arrived after us, from Amsterdam, from Italy, they all got their bags in a timely manner. Why was flight AE159 so different? After waiting a half-hour you told us our bags were unloaded and would be on the carousel within 15 minutes. 30 minutes later you told us our plane had to be towed to a less windy location in order to take our bags off the plane. And then an hour later, finally, somehow our bags begin to drop off the shoot like sprightly leprechauns. What the hell?


Kathryn Koch

On a happier note, I am safe and sound in Dublin. I switched from a six-bed dorm in a hostel last night to my own private room and after feeling my heart vibrating in my chest like some sort of strange electrical impulse I finally fell asleep. My first long sleep in days. While I woke up every couple of hours, it still felt so good to be vertical.

Today it is sunny and cool in Dublin, the wind still going. I hope to explore the Natural History Museum and Phoenix Park today. And it looks like tomorrow my friend Bee and I will be heading out to Newgrange and Nout, two tombs in Country Meath. And then on to see a traditional Irish boat being built, out of willow and cow hide.

Remember my first declaration on this blog? That everything that happens on this trip is meant to be and is happening for a reason? Well, yesterday tested my resolve. As I lay in bed last night I began to wonder if this trip was going to be any good at all? I felt sad, alone, and in a dingy hostel. Then two things happened. One, I remembered my experiment. Okay, all of this is happening for a reason, it’s all okay, let it unfold. Future tripping will really get you nowhere. Two, I finally fell asleep. Sleep and food do wonders for attitudes.

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