Breathing Place

Clane, County Kildare, Ireland

This is Geraldine Kinane’s yoga studio in the small town of Clane, County Kildare, Ireland. County Kildare is just south of County Dublin and is known for the flatness of its’ landscape and a strong equestrian presence. And, for the only Forrest yoga studio in Ireland!

I heard about Ger via the Forrest Yoga circuit. Ana Forrest traveled to Ireland this past January to teach her first ever workshops in the country and Ger is the woman who organized it. When I discovered that she existed I thought, I have to meet this woman! I wonder how the Irish respond to Forrest Yoga?

Her studio has been quite successful in rural Clane and her students love what Forrest yoga has to teach. They are not, however, so much into the whole early morning practice routine. Many Irish like to take it easy in the AM’s, if they can.

I taught a blindfolded yoga workshop @ Breathing Place last Sunday to a group of 6 participants, including Ger and her husband Connor. It went well and each student had a unique and interesting experience being sightless in their yoga practice. I am also aware that this is the beginning of the manifestation of my dream – to teach and travel. I am grateful that this has come to pass and look to it as a positive sign to keep on chargin’!

On Monday night I took Ger’s Forrest Yoga Level II class; hot, sweaty and strong – loved it! Then I assisted her beginner’s class right afterwards. It was fun to get to connect with a different teacher, in a different country, and practice my hands-on-assists that I learned at the last Forrest Yoga Mentorship Program with Erica Mather in NYC (remember my earlier travels?).

Not only was this a yoga rich experience I also got the opportunity to walk in a local wood called Duneadea, shop at the crazy sexy Avoca shops, and walk along part of the canal system that used to be key in transporting goods across Ireland long ago. Now they are mostly used by holiday makers and fishermen.

AND, I got the chance to play an accordian! What a strange instrument. It was massively heavy. On the right hand side you have a keyboard and on the other side you have many tiny buttons that play chords, while you work both sides simultaneously like a piano you also have to move the gills in and out to create the air that makes the instrument sound. It reminds me of playing a drum set, think too hard and you are done for!

Deep thanks to Ger and Connor for their hospitality. I will be looking sassy on the rest of my travels with a gorgeous new Breathing Place yoga mat bag and glowing strongly from the realization of a dream. Thank you both for your kindness, humor, and good will!

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