I would say, over the past two years, a vibrant lesson that has become real inside of me, is that home is where the heart is. My apologies to all you intellectuals out there, I know how cheesy this sounds, but it is a life-saving tool that calls us, that calls me to awareness and I respect this old adage. Another way to look at it is this: Wherever you go, there you are.

Two summers ago I returned from an epic trip to Ireland. I spent 2 1/2 months traveling the island and falling in love with the landscape, the people, and myself. When I returned home I was in total rebellion. Commitments that I had made drew me back. But I didn’t want to go; all I wanted to do was keep traveling. But it also didn’t feel good to fall through on my commitments (this has been another big life lesson over the past few years). I spent a month and a half in agony. I couldn’t sleep well, I wasn’t hungry, and my nervous system was on total overload. I had never had such a problem re-integrating back into my life. One of the only saving graces was directing summer camps and letting the sweetness that are children into my life.

That trip and subsequent other ones have taught me that presence and awareness are key to health, that it’s all just one big journey of learning anyway and that the more present I am, the more fun I have, and the more I recognize synchronicities and the fruits of my desires.

So coming home this July was simpler. I allowed myself time to ground, to be, to connect with nature, to dance, to laugh, and to tell my stories to good friends. To me, this homecoming has felt like a continuation of the ceremony of my life, not an abrupt ending to magic. I am so grateful for this. Because the summer of 2009 in the Pacific NW sucked ass, seriously. It was worth it in the long run, to have that experience, but it was hard to see it at the time.

Since being home I’ve gone on a bushwhack searching for baby Barred Owls with a good friend, been Afro-Brazilian dancing (talk about heart attack!), had beautiful conversations, played music, and begun the work necessary for Island Beat, the Music Nature Camp I’m helping to run this week. I feel really lucky to have the life that I do. And I can’t wait to see what adventure and threads and continue to unfold.

This blog will continue to explore my connections to music, nature, yoga, and travel, so stay tuned for more updates. That said, question for you readers out there. What are you thankful for? What’s going well in your life? I want to know, share freely!

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