Bam, Bam, Bam! or The Sound of Revelations in my Yoga Practice.

Since returning from Europe I have been to 2 yoga classes with my teacher, Kelley Rush. And at every class these revelations have been slamming me over and over again, in a good way. Many of them I have had before, but this time they rocked me in a new and deeper way. That is one of the things I love about taking a break from the things I love. Sometimes, the time away gives me the integration I need to see things with fresh eyes.

And I needed it. As many of you may know, over the last year Kelley has been going through and coming out the other side of Breast Cancer Treatment. From November of 2010 till June 2011 she stepped back from her roles at Two Rivers Yoga and I stepped up to support the studio.

It was a journey, for both of us. I watched as my personal practice slowed and I began to reach burnout, mostly because I wasn’t taking the time to nourish myself or to go somewhere to be nourished. This is one of the troubles I’ve encountered in my life of varied interest. I know all the things I love to do are connected, but sometimes they feel more distracting, pulling me a thousand different ways, and I definitely felt that when Spring 2011 came around. So off I went to Europe, to pursue part of my vision, and Kelley, coming back to health, stepped back in, also new and fresh, and naked.

So, my homecoming has been illuminating.

BAM #1

A yoga teacher is not fully responsible for the energy of a yoga class. It is a multi-way street. As a teacher I bring my passion, knowledge, personal experience, and whatever else is in my picnic basket. And then the students bring their picnic baskets as well. Magic happens when there is synergy between teacher & student, between student & their practice, etc… I’ve seen myself take things personally as a teacher that actually have nothing to do with me. This doesn’t mean I can’t grow as a teacher and learn how to take people on the journey of embodiment with more finesse, it just means that free will prevails and the more everyone participates, the more magic happens.

BAM #2

Going to yoga classes is necessary for me, as a human and a teacher. It gives me a chance to be challenged, go beyond my edge, get healing touch, and be in community having fun. It is also a chance to be witnessed and encouraged along my journey. IMPORTANTI! Don’t forget this!

BAM #3

Long lines of energy in asana practice are key to working injury-free. I’ve noticed the more I connect my inner ankles to my inner groin, say in Warrior II, the less tension and weirdness I feel in my sacrum (which has been troubling me since my FYTT in 2010). The more I connect my fingertips energetically through my arm to my shoulder in something like Unlocking the Shoulders, the less tweakiness I feel in my shoulder complex. I’ve heard Forrest yoga teachers stress this point over and again, and I’m advanced enough now to understand why.  I’ve also begun to realize how key my pelvic floor muscles are to the health of my sacrum. And illumination has been shining down around my mid-back, showing me how some of the congestion I feel there has to do with how I’m using my muscles to telescope my ribs. Like I said, BAM, BAM, BAM!

As I continue to integrate my love of yoga, nature, and music into a wildly successful career as a Fun Agent, I am thankful that my yoga practice and those that support me in it, are helping me to, literally, walk upright, supported by my core muscles, and in dialogue with what my body actually needs. I hope that as I continue walking my path that I feel more of those strands of connection between my passions and that I feel them as if they are a flexible web just built by an Orb Weaver (Araneidae) instead of a web scattered by an unconscious golden retriever running along a forest trail. BAM!

What BAMS have you been having lately? I wanna know, tell me! Remember BAMS can come from anywhere, so don’t be shy. Tell your story below!

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2 Responses to Bam, Bam, Bam! or The Sound of Revelations in my Yoga Practice.

  1. First, I want to thank you Kat for your great insights. I mentioned to Kelley how I felt nurtured in her class and I immediately picked the support card. Synchronicity was another word I mentioned on Monday night. There is a way of understanding that magically just happens.
    I have had the wonderful opportunity to help my recently widowed neighbor. I have been able to slow down some and find more enjoyment in our friendship.
    Dragonflies along with hummingbirds have been my teachers in the natural world lately. My personal yoga practice helps me to find more connection to people and nature thus finding more meaning and joy.

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