Bio Luminescence

I wish I could have taken a picture for you on Saturday last. My dear friend Shannon O’Donnell and I went for a late night kayak in the Salish Sea off the shores of Canoe Island. Canoe Island is in between Shaw and Lopez Islands in the San Juans.

I wish I could have taken a picture because, for the first time in my life, I experienced bio luminescence. It was pure magic. The waters of the sea sparkled with tiny green lights. And when we took off in the kayak neon green shimmers moved as we glided forward, paddling.

The bullwhip kelp looked ghostly. Every now and again we witnessed a fish dart or a jelly fish pump and we would both squeal with delight seeing the neon green flashes below.

I have to admit, I was also really scared out there on the sea in the dark. The waters are home to all manner of creatures and while I love the water, I don’t have much experience being in or on the sea. I felt vulnerable and my belly kept leaping and lurching as we navigated by the pale moonlight and the few lights from distant shores. I kept getting this message to relax and trust my awareness, but it wasn’t easy. Certainty of survival seems to come first:)

Did you know that fireflys use bio luminescence to communicate with each other? Fungi also glow, but scientists don’t know why. They call this phenomenon Foxfire. Some people think it’s to attract nighttime insects to help spread spores for reproduction. Yup, most things in nature have to do with sex, food, and protection. Ever heard of the Jack-O’-Lantern mushrooms? They earned their name because only  their gills glow!

Have you ever experienced the natural phenomenon of bio luminescence? If so, tell me about it below – I want to hear your stories!

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6 Responses to Bio Luminescence

  1. amy says:

    and – if not, imagine if our senses could pick up on the touch and smell and sound of it – what would be your answers then?

    • electrickat says:

      No tangible sound. And I didn’t swim in it, though I wanted to. I wanted to see what it looked like moving through it. I think of it like cold electricity, buzzing, like nettle stings, but not so frequent. You?

  2. amy says:

    oh -also, does it make any kind of sound – on any kind of tangable vibrational level? or smell – can you feel it in any way?

  3. amy says:

    wow – this is amazing – i kept meaning to ask you about it on skype. i’ve always wanted to experience this – especially after watching this scene ( from the film ‘the beach’ – please forgive the slight cringy-ness of it – i was 18 when i saw it and full of raging hormones after all!

  4. Bobbe Branch says:

    I have heard of it and never experienced the seeing. What a fantastic experience, it makes me
    wonder what other special gifts here that I have missed being witness to in this lifetime. Thanks
    for the info. and much love to you both.


    • electrickat says:

      Thanks Bobbe. I know exactly what you mean. I once saw a deer catch the current in the Snoqualmie River and swim until it moved out of my vision. That experience left me wondering too! There are so many possibilities and opportunities in this life!

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