Fruits & Nuts

Last week, in my Video Blog about the Autumn Equinox I posed 3 questions:

*What is my harvest from this year?                                                                                            *What do I want to leave behind?                                                                                                 *What do I need to draw up through my roots for winter?

I want to share my answers with you this week. Fall, from my observations of the natural world, is all about prepping for the coming snows. It is a transition time. We say goodbye to summer enjoying the last of the fruits and nuts. Simultaneously we hail the dying back process of Autumn. Everything is shedding, releasing, letting go of just enough so winter survival is ensured. At least in the Northern Hemisphere:) So, to me, it feels natural to answer these questions now.

So, what has my harvest been for the year?

Well, in my external world, there has been a lot of output and learning. From the Equinox of 2010 to the Equinox of this year I have: taught 2 International yoga workshops, almost finished the Forrest Yoga Mentorship Program, taught at my second UK Art of Mentoring, spent time in Ireland, Sweden, & Scotland and been on a plane an inordinate amount of times. I also started this blog and my business as a Fun & Transformation Agent is steadily growing.

Internally, my harvest has around Being in the Moment and Commitment. The following question has been with me ever since my first trip to Ireland in 2009: How do I honor my commitments and honor my heart in the moment? I love making plans, I do it all the time. But that fateful trip to Ireland taught me that I can’t plan for everything, that life happens, and the more I let life in, the richer my life is. And the more my plans will fall apart or change. This year has also been about, like the poet Mary Oliver says, “Letting the soft animal of my body love what it loves.” As I age, more and more I feel like saying to the naysayers, “Go F&*$ Yourself!” It’s not that I’m not open to discussion about my life, but sometimes it’s just nice to admit and be present with what I actually enjoy and not beat myself up over it.

What do I want to leave behind?

I like to think of myself as a tree here. A magnolia tree. As my leaves die back and begin to fall, those leaves represent struggle. Struggle is raining down from my branches, getting swept up by the wind and swirled in circles and then falling to the earth to decompose and nourish the soil at my roots. And then I have some dead branches hanging on and when that first gusty Fall wind comes through, down come the branches of deception, of lies. Little lies, that I tell to myself and my loved ones. And yes, even big lies, if they’re ready to present themselves. I let these things go, so that I am ready for winter.

What do I need to draw up through my roots for winter?

Here I think of a fire that has burnt hot, for a long while, and is now a heaping pile of glowing coals. I need to draw up a steady burning for the winter. Life isn’t dead, but it ain’t blazing. I need to give myself time to dream. To work on indoor projects like a website (joy of joys!) and my blog, and my Ireland Retreat. I also think of deep nighttime. This represents reflection to me. I’ve had so many adventures this past year, I want to draw up reflection through my roots so I can look back and draw upon the lessons of my adventuring times and live them more fully.

Now, your turn. How will you answer these questions? Take some time over the next day or two and answer them. Share anything you’d like below. You know I want to hear it!

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