Ireland is a Doorway

This is a doorway in Ireland. Walking along the back alleys of Kinsale, County Cork, I discovered this one.

Here’s another doorway. A church converted into a home. Add some climbing vines and the mystery is enhanced…

Back in 2009 when I first went to Ireland I had a feeling. The feeling spoke to me in many ways. And it told me that my trip was going to be life altering. During my preparations I spoke to people about my excitement. And the more people I spoke with the more I realized that my feeling was not unique. People love Ireland. Especially Americans. Not only did I hear loving stories of times spent in this place I also got contacts for my visit. “Oh you’re going to Ireland? Here’s my mom’s address, go visit her.” “Oh, you need to meet Leo, here’s his contact info. And don’t worry if he doesn’t get back to you right away. Go see him.”

I had a dream about a month before I left. It is one of the happiest dreams I can ever remember having. I was in a tall building, like a skyscraper, looking out, and I was way up high. The sky was one of those cornflower blues and I looked down onto a patchworked landscape of greens and browns with stone fences separating them. In the distance was the ocean. And floating in the the blue blue sky were hundreds of dandelion seeds.

The transition into and out of this dream was seemless. And when I drifted back to waking life I felt incredibly happy, warm, and so alive.

Ireland was a doorway for me. Traveling there taught me about aspects of life and myself that I’d read about, heard people talk about, and experienced a little bit, but had never been immersed in. To me, Ireland was (and still is) a place of magic. Don’t get me wrong, every place and every culture has it’s shadowy sides, including the Emerald Isle. But traveling there was good medicine for me. Both as a woman and an American.

You see, Ireland is modern, but slower paced. Infrastructure is slowly replacing tiny lanes and thatched cottages, but not like in America. You can still disappear into the countryside, meet a man at a pub and suddenly find yourself surrounded by new friends and potentially invited in for dinner. Irish people make time for enjoying life. They are quite curious, well versed in world history, and know how Ireland is connected to places and people all over the world. On top of all of this they have a great sense of humor. As Americans, we need to soak in that humor all we can.

Here’s a perfect example.  Please read carefully this “traditional Irish blessing”:

May the ones who love us love us. And if they don’t love us may God turn their hearts. And if he can’t turn their hearts may he turn their ankles, so we’ll know them by their limping.

See what I mean?

For all of the above reasons and more I am running a Retreat in Ireland this Spring. I want to take 10 lucky people on a journey of a lifetime. I want to give back to a particular community in South West Cork that has given so much to me! And I want to continue to explore the misty green landscape full of magic that is Ireland. So, will you join me this May 2012? Click HERE for more details. Like I said I’ll only be taking 10 lucky people.

Will you be one of them?

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