Happy New Year – Now go Outside!

Dear Readers,

Happy new year to you. I hope you had fun last night whether you chose to light candles and stay home or went out into the world and had a few drinks, maybe watched the ball drop, or danced until the wee hours of the morn.

A new day has arrived. And with it another chance for you to get your ass out of bed, out of the house, and find out what nature is up to. For instance, do deer celebrate New Year? We don’t really know do we? We can guess that no, indeed they don’t. But why not go tracking today and find out what the animals were up to last night as we partied away.

But before you go, here are a few questions to answer and contemplate. Let’s test your knowledge of the natural world and find out how well you know your local area.

1. What is the name (both common & scientific) of a poisonous plant in your area?
2. Name one local frog that can be found within 5 miles of your house.
3. How many toes do coyote’s have?
4. What is the name of one edible wild plant in your yard?
5. Where is the closest natural water source to your home?
6. What are the tribal names of the Native People who used to live (or still do) in your area?
7. Which tree loses its’ leaves first in Autumn?
8. In Spring, which bird sings first in the mornings?
9. Name one local tick from your area and any diseases it carries.
10. Do Mountain Lions live in your area? If they do, can you describe their tracks? If not, when were they extirpated?
11. Without using a compass or any other tool can you point to North right now?
12. Do “woodchucks” really chuck wood?

Let me know how you do below. And don’t worry if you know nothing. These questions can spark your curiosity and send you on an adventure! After completing this quiz you can also do some research using field guides or the internet. But don’t stop there, go outside and discover these things for yourself!

Kat Koch

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5 Responses to Happy New Year – Now go Outside!

  1. Went foraging for Cottonwood Buds today – great day for a walk by the river!

  2. Orel Di Angelo says:

    I laughed picturing rabbits partying like crazy in the grass lol. Well I can’t answer all of these questions for the only reason I live in a huge ugly city and the wildlife outside of the city is barely existent given the size of the fields and stuff. Happy New Year!

    • electrickat says:

      Orel, you’d be surprised by the amount of wildlife in cities. Where do you live? I’ve heard NYC’s Central Park has weasels and pheasants that live there!

      • Orel Di Angelo says:

        I live in Nantes, France. It’s an industrial city on the West side of the country. The surroundings are just bocages and fields and roads. It’s flat and I can’t think of any forest miles and miles away :D. Everything around here is concrete. Oh actually I’ve heard someone telling me last time that we could find scorpions in the park but I need to see it myself to believe it 😀

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