Tantalizing Spring

I’ve been thinking about Spring this past week. And feeling the excitement of longer days, birds returning, and sweet smells on the air. It is so easy to romanticize Spring. It is also easy to become a bit cynical in our modern day culture in regards to the seasons. What does it matter that the daffodils are blooming? I have to go to work, get the kids to soccer practice, find a job, etc… I have real problems.

The epiphany here is that nature is all around us, free, and a source of inspiration. Have you ever had a really shitty day only to be smacked back into the moment by nature’s beauty? Maybe it’s the full moon on a clear night with rainbow rings around it that brings you back from your never-ending thought process. Or maybe it’s a chorus of frogs that surround your home and help you drift to sleep. Could be something as simple as the bright hues of a pigeon on the city street. Doesn’t matter. Nature is everywhere, even if you think it’s not.

Springtime is especially exciting. It is about birth and quick, vibrant growth. But it is not for the faint of heart. Imagine the hard work a seed has bursting through it’s shell and then pushing up through dirt, roots, and mole tunnels to make it to the light of day!

Imagine the work a pair of Gold Finches have in prepping for and then protecting and feeding their babies. You parents out there know this better than most. Raising babies is a lot of work!

And not only do ya gotta have the babies, you’ve got to a find a mate to have those babies with. So man is there a lot of crazyiness that goes on in a short time span. The more we pay attention to the subtle rhythms of nature and our own bodies, the more we can play with and harness this energy for our lives. Sound cheesy? Too bad. It’s true.

You know the saying March comes in like a lion and blows out like a lamb? This also tends to be true and adds to the frenetic energy of spring. What’s a girl to do when she experiences snow, sun, hail, thunder, lightening, wind  and rain, many of them simultaneously and all in one day? The best thing I can come up with is a verb: surf. There is a lot of power and movement to work with at this time of year. We can’t control it. But we can ride it. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to surf yet. Get out and give it a shot. I know I am!

What signs of Spring are you noticing? What effect does Spring have on your body? Are you able to surf the waves of Spring? As always share your comments below!

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One Response to Tantalizing Spring

  1. Andy says:

    Hi, never a truer word spoken!……. being in tune with nature enables us mere mortals to cope with man made stress!…..:)

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