When I am dead you will be so tall…

Right now you are a mere 2 and a 1/2 feet tall. I tower above you with my 5 foot 3 stature. I put you in the ground 16 days ago in a hole that was just deep enough to cover your root ball and twice as wide, just as Mark instructed. I watered you once and so far, have let nature do the rest. I promise that as summer comes I will watch you and every 2 weeks or so water you slowly and thoroughly, just as Tim instructed. I promise to come and sit by you at night, listening to the buzz and hum of the bees in their hive. I promise to come and sit by you in the day too. I’ll sing songs, some of which will be Jazz. I hope you like Jazz.

Right now you are a 2 and a 1/2 foot tall Western Redcedar. Perhaps, if you’re lucky, when I am cold and in the ground, you will have grown tall and stately. With shredding red bark the color of my hair and fragrant, green fronds you’ll tower over the landscape. Birds will nest in your branches, and squirrels will climb your trunk zooming here, there, and everywhere. And, perhaps, someone like me will come and sit beneath your branches. There they might cry and laugh and pray to whatever it is they believe in and find comfort; find a sounding board for their heart.

Years ago, before there were Europeans in this land, the Native people called you “Tree of Life”. From your parts they were able to make an extraordinary list of items for life. Things like clothing from your bark, canoes from your trunk, and medicinal teas from your fronds. Those people from long ago knew your importance and depended on you. Things have changed, perhaps for good. But just know, I still depend on you. Without you I am sure I would be much more lost than I currently am.

So, how many of you out there have a tree that is special to your heart? A place you go to and think, feel, speak, and sleep. Perhaps it’s a Weeping Willow or a protective Hawthorn. Comment below and make sure to include what type of tree it is! Better yet, include a picture. It would be amazing to hear from people all over the world about this.

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6 Responses to When I am dead you will be so tall…

  1. Julie says:

    I always think about sitting in the branches of the sycamore on the hill behind my house growing up. (You know the one). I hope she is doing well. Maybe someday i can go back and take a picture to share with you.

  2. Lucinda says:

    So beautiful and moving. No gift could be more precious for the future than this.
    The two trees most special to me now are an elder and a hawthorn but I still carry the great old oak and the walnut I used to climb as a child in my heart. In my parents garden when I was growing up there were two old cherries. Eventually they died but we each kept a little carved piece. I now wear mine as a necklace whilst my sister and Dad have theirs as key rings.
    I believe the human relationship to trees is one of the most magical and subtle of all.
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful post. x

  3. Dan Weaston says:

    Very nice piece. I enjoyed it. I went out and hugged magnolia tree. That’s a joke.

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