Immortal Jellyfish

I am a person who is interested in possibility. My friends love and hate this about me. Because sometimes I have trouble accepting what is. Because sometimes I am less interested in the present and more interested in potential. I see both positive and negative sides to this mindset. Possibility is the stuff of dreams or science or mysticism. It is what encourages and in fact sparks change. On the other hand possibility can distract from the present moment and can quickly change into fantasy land.

Here’s where the Immortal Jellyfish comes in. I found out about this creature a few weeks ago from my roommate. We were hiking up a Tiger Mountain Trail and he told me how once this creature reaches a certain point it is able to completely regenerate it’s cells and change back into a young jellyfish. Essentially, it is immortal. My mind was excited by this prospect. Many questions arose. So I did some research.

Turritopsis dohrnii or the Immortal Jellyfish has been known to, upon dire circumstances such as starvation or damage to it’s body, sink down to the bottom of the ocean and revert into it’s polyp stage through a process called transdifferentiation. Essentially this means one type of cell transforms into another type of cell. Amazing. It is about the size of an adult pinky nail, only 5 mm in total. Scientists are still studying these creatures to understand what is happening here and how the nature of this creature can benefit humanity.

When I hear about things like this I get excited. If this exists, what else is out there? What else is possible? Our world is much more complex and mysterious than we really know, yet our days can run one into another without any connection to that mystery. It doesn’t matter if you’re religious, spiritual or a devout atheist – the world is weird. And the more we study it the more weirdness we find.

Take some time today and discover a piece of weirdness. Share it here.

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