3 Musicians I Love

I was lucky over this past week. I saw live music every night for 5 nights in a row. Luckier still is that I sang at two of those 5 nights. For those of you that don’t know this, I love music, both recorded and live. Music is part of my personal trinity which makes up my soulful life. Movement and Nature are the other two. Music helps me feel truly alive and consistently helps me process challenging emotional content.

I’d like to give a shout-out to the following 3 musicians who I am really enjoying right now:

1. Allen Stone

Allen is the son of a preacher man from eastern Washington. He’s got a kick-ass band. I saw him live at Neumo’s last Fall before he blew up and was all over late night TV. He was at the venue the entire night, talking with people. He looked so unassuming I had no idea he was a musician, but my eyes were continuously drawn to him. When he got onstage and sang my knees went weak. Check it:

2. Gregory Alan Isakov

I just saw him live at the Triple Door in Seattle. His music has been a soundtrack to my evolution over the last 9 months. Not only is he an incredible musician and lyricist, he’s also a beautiful human being. If you write him a letter he’ll write you back:) This is the first song of his that was given to me. Many a tear has been shed in the presence of this song.

3. Macklemore

I like this guy. He’s white, of Irish descent, and an MC. He raps about Seattle and white privilege and the music scene. He has real musicians play with him, like my friend Zach Fleury, and a trumpet player named Owar Orunga that will blow your socks off and then make you shiver. Macklemore, if by some miracle you end up reading this, I want to sing with you one day. You’re on my list.

The song below is all about Seattle. I like the idea that we all take our hometowns with us, they live inside of us and shape us. Listen for that sentiment in this song.

I’ll be honest, all of these guys are on my list to sing with one day.

So, what do you think? Do you like the music? Who are you listening to these days?

Let’s honor our artists, local or not, by spreading the word. Share this blog post with 2 of your friends and introduce them to these amazing musicians!

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