Want to go to Ireland with me?

Have you ever heard of the Buddhist concept of Bright Faith? It is a way of living, of being, beyond possibility. Sharon Salzberg, respected teacher of meditation says of Bright Faith, “This is a state of love-filled delight in possibilities and eager joy at the prospect of actualizing them. Bright faith goes beyond merely claiming that possibility for oneself to IMMERSING oneself in it… The enthusiasm, energy, and courage we need in order to leave the safe path, to stop aligning ourselves with the familiar and convenient, arise with bright faith.”

Bright Faith is the fuel I am using to plan for and eventually run the Retreat to Ireland. It is not enough for me to imagine my own dreams coming true anymore. It is time for action. Time for immersion. Time for bright faith.

Are you tired of holding yourself back from doing what it is you truly want to do?

Do you think maybe, just maybe, if you let yourself come to Ireland with me, you very well might be filled with enough joy to take back to your life to feed it so that it continues to feed you? That’s reciprocity right there.

Watch this new video I made about the retreat. If you still have lingering doubts email me. Let’s have a talk.


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