Nothing is so hungry as the human heart…

How honest have you been with yourself? I mean about what you truly want? Have you ever felt that you want so much, way more than you’ve been given or are giving to yourself? It’s funny how much doing yoga has opened me up to my own desires. They are strong. And insistent. They demand attention. Sometimes the desire feels like it comes from conditioning. And sometimes they feel as if they come from somewhere mysterious and deep, like a wellspring.

“Following your heart will lead you down paths your mind would never take you.”

If someone had told me what truly opening my heart meant before I started breathing in there and asking questions and feeling again, I’m not sure I would have been brave enough to do it. If someone had told that I’d get to witness others opening their hearts as well and I’d have to deal with my own bullshit as that happens, I’m not sure I would have signed up. But here I am. I wouldn’t change it. But it isn’t easy. And lately I’ve been thinking…

This life isn’t for the faint of heart…

Mariana Caplan, a psychotherapist and yoga teacher, says it best in a page from her book “Eyes Wide Open”…

Nothing is so hungry as the human heart. A craving and longing for spiritual as well as human fulfillment stirs so deeply within us that most of us do not dare acknowledge its presence for fear it will consume us. We sense a volcano of stored potentiality stirring beneath the surface of our own consciousness. We sense that universes exist within us. We intuit our own subterranean existence. We are dying to be born: to release the unharnessed potential within us, to transcend our limitations, to discover within ourselves that we have tasted through our life experience or intuited through dreams. This longing lives in the very fiber of our cells.

Unable to even name this hunger, most of us simply suppress it and go on about our predictable, mechanical lives. As my friend Zak, a Bollywood film producer, once told me, “I do not dare to ask the first question of myself, because I know that it would open the door to thousands – millions – more questions, and I’m afraid it would destroy my life as I know it.”

My friend told me true intuition comes from the mind and the heart working together…

He said that the heart, on it’s own, is a fickle thing and doesn’t make up the whole picture of who we are. Author and energy healer Rosalyn Bruyere says that most cultures are dominated by two chakras (chakras meaning a series of energy systems in the body that have their own colors and meanings), but that Native Americans were the only culture that she’d encountered that actually lived life using all of their energy centers, each one had a place at the table, heart included.

But sometimes the wind stirs up and my mind feels too harnessed and my heart, my heart it wants center stage. It wants to be followed to all the crazy ends of the earth and beyond. It doesn’t care about silly things such as boundaries or morals. It wants what it wants. I want what I want. Sometimes it is hard to sit with that longing…

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3 Responses to Nothing is so hungry as the human heart…

  1. Kristin says:

    What a wonderful post – and a reminder to listen to our hearts and not feel bad about our desires.
    I believe, especially us women are very prone to put everyone else’s needs first. And you are right, it takes courage and strength to go after what we truly want. Very often, we shy away from living the truth, because we know that everything we know will fall apart in that process.
    Thank you for the inspiration!

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