Awake and Kicking in 2012

View from Bandera Mountain2012, the year of the dragon, the year Barack Obama was re-elected, the year that my friends began having babies has been mark-ed in my development. This year hasn’t felt like my life was on the fast track to success or I was constantly aware of the blessings of my fortunate life. Nope, it was not that. What it was was something else entirely. Something that has me asking a lot more questions and reminding me again and again to be humble as I move through my life. Highs and lows have seemed higher and lower than I remember from years past. I even had my friend look through her DSM-IV (mental illness diagnosis manual) and help me find out if I was bi-polar. It turns out I’m not:)

Within all of 2012’s turmoil there was much sweetness and excitement. I started a little late, but this year I collected some of my best experiences from the year by writing them on small, sticky notes and placing them in a glass container in my room. Yesterday I reviewed them all. Music, love, honesty, travel, and yoga breakthroughs were themes. Here are some highlights!Kat's SW Handstand

-Graduated from the Advanced Forrest Yoga Teacher Training

-Many concerts including Gregory Alan Isakov, My Morning Jacket and Marcus Miller

-A trip to Hawaii with my mom which included snorkeling for the first time and a near drowning experience

-I climbed Bandera Mountain (aka ASS KICKER) on my own on the 4th of July

-I picked up my first hitchhiker ever. Jacob from Germany.

-I began singing at a Jazz Jam in Ballard regularly and have grown a lot from my experiences there.

-Traveled to Colorado for the first ever Forrest Yoga Windhorse gathering and then spent time visiting old friends in the SW.

-Laughed really freakin’ hard with a few choice people.

-Planted my first tree on Arbor Day. My landlord ran it over with the mower a month later. I am happy to report it is still alive, albeit much smaller.

-Began to learn the importance of telling myself and my loved ones the truth, as gracefully as I know how.

-I was touched by the beauty of nature multiple times over the year. Almost every single full moon it was at least partially clear. For western Washington that is amazing.

-Got my first sign-up for my Ireland Retreat! It is full on and happening this year people – will you join me?

What stood out in your year? Was 2012 tumultuous for anyone else? Tell what’s up!

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2 Responses to Awake and Kicking in 2012

  1. Kerrilee says:

    “Tumultuous” would be a good summary here, too.
    I won’t list everything here, but I’d say starting climbing – and being consistent about it – was one of the best things I did. Except for the three weeks I was off on the Viking Kingdom expedition (another biggie for 2012), I climbed at least once a week every week from mid-January when I started until the end of the year, and as soon as I finish writing this, I’m packing up my shoes and chalk and heading out. Climb on!

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