An Irish Sense Meditation

Kat Koch NamasteI remember the first time I meditated. My boyfriend at the time and I were reading a book from the library on Buddhism and there was an exercise in it that simply asked you to sit still for 10 minutes without thought. Easy!

I immediately became disturbed as I settled down onto the ground to sit. I couldn’t stop thinking for the life of me! Thoughts swirled through my head like clouds right before a storm. At this moment I became conscious of my internal monologue.

There are many varied meditation techniques out there in the world, and I believe most of them have something to teach us. My personal favorite? The sense meditation. This involves drinking in your environment via your eyes, ears, nose, sense of feeling, and taste. It helps you to SENSE more of what is actually around you and can increase your quality of life.

The last time I was in Ireland I created a video with a version of a sense meditation. Take a couple of deep breaths and then press play and participate.

I have 8 more spots left for my Retreat to Ireland this May 2013 (3rd – 11th). Join us and come see this place in person. Taste the salt in the air, smell the Gorse flowers, and see for yourself why this island is known for its’ magic.

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