Forrest Yoga Wrist Stretches

No matter how conscious I’ve become about how I position and use my body, everytime I’m on the computer, my posture goes to shit, eventually. My neck pokes forward, my shoulders hunch, and my wrists and fingers curl up as I tippity type these lovely blog posts.

Luckily, Ana Forrest, one of my yoga teachers, developed 3 different wrist stretches to help with this modern day challenge. Doing these everyday will help to relieve congestion, pressure, and tingling from overused wrists. We’ll be doing these everyday on my Ireland Retreat!

Wrist StretchesWrist Stretch #1:

1. Outstretch your left arm, fingertips point down, shoulder blade pulls down the back

2. Grab your pinky at the base of the knuckle (where finger meets hand) and pull straight back, inhale and exhale here.

3. Do the same for each finger, spending one inhale and exhale on each.

4. To grab your thumb put the back of the left hand onto the back of the right and grab your left thumb with your right thumb and pointer finger, drawing back.

5. Switch sides


Make sure to keep fingertips pointing down and spreading away from one another, keep a slight bend in the elbow and keep drawing the shoulder blade down the back away from the ear.

Feel the stretch and breathe into it.

Willow Ryan, Forrest Yoga Mentor

Willow Ryan, Forrest Yoga Mentor

Wrist Stretch #2:

Sit cross-legged

Turn your hands so the palms face the top of the mat, fingertips down

Start here with just the fingertips on the mat. After a couple of deep breaths bring the finger lengths down and then, if you can do it pain free, bring the palms down onto the mat. If you want to go deeper, bend your elbows towards your ribs. Again, feel the stretch and breathe!

Wrist Stretch #3:Wrist Stretch #3

1. Inhale and outstretch your arms towards opposite walls, palms flex, fingertips point up.

2. Exhale, curl each finger in individually making a fist and then point the fist down towards the ground.

3. Repeat two more times.

4. Remember to breathe and feel!

Try them out and let me know how they feel. And I’ll say it again, if you breathe and actually feel into what you’re doing the likelihood that you’ll injure yourself diminishes significantly. Enjoy!

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