I have a secret…

Kat Koch singing at Lucid

Kat Koch singing at Lucid

…I’m getting ready to record my first vocal demo. Now you know my secret!

I’m really excited. I’m also really nervous. It’s a big undertaking.
I’ve hired some amazing musicians and a sound engineer. I’ve also found a space to do the recording in. And over the course of these next weeks I’ll be fine tuning my song selections and preparing my voice for lots and lots of singing!

In a week I will launch my Kickstarter Project to fund this venture. If you’ve been touched by the sound of my voice, please consider donating. I’m willing to go into debt for this project, but I sincerely hope I don’t have to!

Each level of donation offers a specific gift and donating is easy. Takes less than 10 minutes. And it’s an all or nothing kind of funding. Either I make my goal or I get nothing (and you don’t get charged). That’s how Kickstarter works and I think it’s pretty brilliant. Cranks the heat on, know what I mean?

This past year has been a big one for me musically. I started attending a weekly jazz jam, took frequent voice lessons, and began to make connections in the Seattle music scene. I started a jazz theory class and have been practicing more than ever before in my life. I’ve also begun to enjoy the music that sing more than ever, which is truly a gift. It feels good to sing and be a part of a band. It feels good to improvise in public (I used to be terrified).

I’m grateful to a few key people, who, without their help, it would have taken me way longer to come as far as I have.

My Mama
My mom fostered my love of music by taking me to all kinds of cultural events and driving me to all kinds of lessons as a kid. She sang to me in my crib, though she wouldn’t call herself a singer and took piano lessons of her own as I was learning. She was always, always, supportive. Thanks Ma!

Dave Gagnon
I’ve known this talented bass player (who’s also my boyfriend:) since August of 2004. From the very beginning of our knowing one another he brought out the best in me musically and challenged me to explore my voice in new ways. Dave, thank you a million times over. Check out his website when you get a chance and if you know any bass players looking for a teacher, tell them about this man! Not only is he an incredible musician he’s also an excellent teacher, and those two things don’t always come together.

Kelley Rush
Kelley is my main yoga teacher. Through her elegant yet sassy guidance I discovered how to move my body more freely and efficiently, enjoy the sensations that course through me, trust the wisdom of my body, and so much more. She helped me explore my instrument so to speak. Thank you.

Rebekka Goldsmith
Rebekka deserves a mention here. She helped me have my first major vocal improvisation breakthrough. She is another one of those rare combinations of talented musician and skilled teacher. Check her out: http://www.rebekkagoldsmith.com/

There are many more who deserve appreciation, but I might be here all day. You get the point, right?

Stay tuned for my Kickstarter launch and I hope that sometime soon we will cross paths in person. I promise to sing you a song. Or better yet, teach you one!

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11 Responses to I have a secret…

  1. rebekka says:

    You are such a wonderful light in this world, Kat Koch! Lots of love to you!!!

  2. Trina says:

    I am excited for you, Kat!

  3. Dave Gagnon says:

    Well written! Thanks for the “shout-out.” Something tells me there’s more to the story, though. I can’t wait to see the Kickstarter page!

  4. Diane Birckbichler says:

    Wonderful news. I would like to second Rosalee’s request for Summertime. I’ll be there with you on Kickstarter to help support this exciting development. And thanks for the thanks! It was always my pleasure to help bring your awesome talent along!

  5. Kerrilee says:

    Very exciting! So proud and happy to support you!

  6. Rosalee says:

    Look forward to supporting your Kickstarter! I’d like to officially request your version of Summertime!

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