A Secret Irish Jewel (with no name or directions)

Part of the magic of travel in Ireland for the modern American is all about getting lost. This is so you can find yourself again. What do I mean?

Well, if my plans hadn’t gone awry during my first trip to Ireland, I would never have met some amazing people who made a huge impact in my life, some of whom I’m lucky to still be connected with. I wouldn’t have ever gone to the Sheep’s Head Peninsula which later became the home of my Retreat To Ireland. Do you see?

Getting lost in Ireland is quite easy. Check out the following picture:

Irish Sign
What you may immediately notice is that there are many brown and some white “pointed suggestions” for how to get to where you’re going. What you may not notice, simply because you aren’t from here, is that Kilchrohane is actually towards Good Things Cafe and not at all towards Bantry. With GPS units available for an often hefty fee in rental cars getting lost becomes harder, but not impossible. If you get one, please don’t use it all the time. You’re missing out.

Anyway, why all of this getting lost business? Well I thought I’d do my part to be ambiguous and lead you adrift. I’m about to share with you a secret jewel of a place that I hope you can find. I’ve not included directions simply because I don’t want this place to get overrun by tourists. But those who work for it should get the opportunity!

Secret Beach

This is a gorgeous place to come on a nice warm day (of which they are having many in Ireland currently) and frolic. Some people surf, while others swim, and still others explore, beach combing and wandering the headlands.

Secret Beach II

Here are a few clues for you. The beach exists in SW County Cork. There is a river that runs into the sea there. There are ugly-ugly vacation properties and a hotel inland and to the right of this picture. Towards the river you’ll find sand dunes and lots and lots of rabbits.

If you are truly taking on the spirit of this challenge do NOT Google anything about this. You may ask Irish people once you arrive in their country. You may show them the picture if you like. But that is all.

Please, if you go looking for this place, send me your story. I would love to hear what adventure it led you on. Here’s to a bit of mischief and chance in an age where magic is quickly losing it’s hold on humanity’s heart.

If you liked this post and are interested in coming to Ireland and getting lost with me sign up for my Retreat to Ireland email list. In 2014 I will be taking 6 amazing people. Click HERE.

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