Talk to me before you go to Ireland…

I love Ireland. I want to share my knowledge and excitement with you. Here’s how:

I am in the process of starting an Irish Travel Consulting Business.
Are you planning a trip to Ireland in the next year?
For the next week I will take on up to 10 clients, free of charge, to help you plan your dream trip to Ireland. In return I ask that you answer an evaluation at the close of our session, send me a postcard from Ireland, and follow-up with me after your trip so we can evaluate what worked and what didn’t.

But know this first…

My speciality is alternative travel. I help people plan a trip around their passions and desires. I help people connect deeply with the landscape and the people of Ireland, so they end up feeling more like a part of the community than a tourist. And, best of all, I have major tips to share that will help you avoid stressful travel and revel in the fun and adventure of it all.

This is my guarantee: I will help you plan a trip that you’ll never forget.

Interested? Send me an email. In the Subject Line put “I’m Ready”.

Irish Robin

Irish Robin


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