Private Sessions

Private Yoga Sessions are an amazing opportunity to begin or deepen your yoga practice.

Why are private sessions so fabulous? Where else do you get one-on-one attention geared specifically towards you and your goals?

Private Yoga Sessions are a great idea for the following people:

1. Those who want to begin a yoga practice, but are too intimidated or injured to take a class.
2. Those who want to understand a specific pose that is confusing them / interests them.
3. Those who want to go deeper in their physical yoga practice, pranayama (breathing), or meditation practice.

Private Sessions can be scheduled at your home, in Duvall, or at Two Rivers Yoga in Carnation.

Single Sessions (60 minutes) = $80.00
4 Sessions = $300.00 (save $20)
8 Sessions = $590.00 (save $50)

Please email me for more information:




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