Are you going to “meet me” or are you going to MEET ME?

Heads & TailsTwo Sides of a Coin…

On one side, let’s say Heads (cause that’s often where the block is) lives this concept of lower case “meet me”. In a relationship where “meet me” is used, people are constantly coming from a place of snivels. Will he meet my needs? Will she meet mine? I’m scared and I’m going to make choices from that place to keep myself safe. I’m going to act like a punished child when it comes to the choices and compromises I make in my life. And “I’ll remember when my wife wouldn’t let me go to Vegas 5 years ago and punish her daily (and semi-unconsciously) for maybe forever.” Sad stuff this.

On the flip side is Tails (cause everybody needs a little tail, don’t you think?) and it provides the home for this upper case MEET ME. In a relationship where MEET ME is employed people show up for their lives. I’m scared. Oh, you’re scared too? Yup. Screw it, let’s show up anyway. To me it exemplifies people who are willing to look at what they truly want, are willing to take steps to meet those goals (mixing luck and synchronicity of course), and are open to learning from themselves and the world around them.

Listen by Ronnie FloydI also see this as a place that honors differences, not vilifies them. I want to travel the world, she says. I want kids, he says. Okay, we have some choices to make. You’re not wrong, and I’m not wrong. So how do we move forward in a good way? This may mean a break-up. Or a compromise. Or maybe just a listening ear. An ear that can hear the dream behind the conflict.

When people MEET I believe there is enormous creative potential to be harnessed and used, for anything really. Art, baby-making, healing, solutions for the current troubles and stresses of our modern world, the list goes on.

My friend and mentor Kelley Rush recently told me that she wants to be IN THE ARENA (of life), not on the sidelines tearing people down. This statement worked its’ way into my consciousness and helped me realize, I want the same damn thing.

I remember a time when I tore down performing singers in the Seattle area with snarky side comments. You see, I hadn’t made it as far as I’d wished in music and I certainly wasn’t performing. This lack of self-esteem fueled my attacks on other vocalists. I realize now that I was in the “meet me” mindset. Now, if jealously comes up around another singer I use it as inspiration, as fuel, to meet my goals. Internally I say “Hell yeah, girl!” and then I go home and practice!

And by the way, “meet me” will rear it’s sad and lonely head, probably throughout our whole lifetime and most likely in times of transition. Acknowledge her (or him) and then step aside and find out what it is you truly want. What is it that you truly long for? Then let that longing evolve with you as you grow and change.

Kat KochSo, will you MEET ME?  Are you in the arena participating? I hope so. Because something that I personally long for is more passionate and alive people to create with. Let me know your thoughts.

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