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Driving on the Left Side of the Road a.k.a. Holy S&*t!

Have you ever driven on the opposite side of the road? If so, whether it was left or right depending on your country of origin, you’ll relate to what I’m about to say. Upon getting in the rental car at … Continue reading

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The Transition Zone

Traveling changes your brain chemistry. Day-to-day patterns are interrupted and you are forced to think differently. It happens in small ways sometimes. For instance, when using a European keyboard. The @ symbol is in a different spot. When making a … Continue reading

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Talk to me before you go to Ireland…

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I love Ireland. I want to share my knowledge and excitement with you. Here’s how: I am in the process of starting an Irish Travel Consulting Business. Are you planning a trip to Ireland in the next year? For the … Continue reading

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What in the world is True Love? (An interactive blog post)

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It is a sailing knot. (No really, it is. I encountered this knot at my birthday party at a bar in Seattle.) An ideal lover or mate. Or as William Butler Yeats says: “True love is a discipline in which … Continue reading

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Are you going to “meet me” or are you going to MEET ME?

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Two Sides of a Coin… On one side, let’s say Heads (cause that’s often where the block is) lives this concept of lower case “meet me”. In a relationship where “meet me” is used, people are constantly coming from a … Continue reading

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