The Transition Zone

RainbowTraveling changes your brain chemistry. Day-to-day patterns are interrupted and you are forced to think differently. It happens in small ways sometimes. For instance, when using a European keyboard. The @ symbol is in a different spot. When making a call the phone sound goes boop boop instead of one long tone. Or you find yourself using new words, words like mobile and skip (trash can) and devilish.

Sometimes those differences happen in slightly bigger ways; like not being able to connect to the internet at the drop of a hat and you need to because you’re supposed to be working. Medium trouble right there.

And sometimes big trouble happens. Some travelers encounter life endangerment. Luckily that hasn’t happened to me.

What I notice when I travel is that on some level I have to let go of my life back home in order to truly enjoy myself. Or at the very least loosen my grip on the strings that tie me back home. This is liberating and scary all at the same time. Can you relate?

You might miss this conundrum if you’re only traveling for a week. But when you’re planning on traveling for 8 weeks like I am, at the beginning there is this transition zone where you can feel neither here nor there.

Then comes the breakthrough…

Yesterday was my break-through day. I awoke to sun, then rain, then a beautiful rainbow right out the window. I could see it without my glasses. I went exploring all day and came home to cap the evening with another rainbow, this time fully arced and shining as the sun dipped towards the horizon. Today I find myself driving with more confidence and taking on more of a Traveling Spirit. This requires a sort of flexibility that normal schedules usually don’t allow. Unless you’re Irish. Or live on another island like Hawaii or Orcas.

I’ve decided on a phrase or mantra for my trip. It’s a bit long, but it has every single reminder I need as I embark around the Emerald Isle. It’s a pretty good reminder for being at home as well:

Make plans. Follow through. Let life in. Let life change you. Change your plans. And sometimes, let them go.

Thanks for reading. Comment below if this post grabbed you. And please share any travel wisdom you have!

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2 Responses to The Transition Zone

  1. Wendy Townsend says:

    Enjoy it all, even the challenges. Ireland is so mystical and has an ancient quality that sticks in my memory. Loved the cities, loved the countryside! Please continue to share…

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